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Once the exhibitor places an order with TEAM Co., he or she can be assured that their ancillary product and service needs will be met. Each show is specifically assigned to one or more of our customer service representatives (CSRs) depending on the size of the event. That representative follows the event through from the ordering process, to the on-site service, to show closing and final processing of accounts receivable.

Our company’s CSRs process orders that require a wide range of expertise. Many orders are submitted with technical drawings or floor plans that need to be translated and marked for service at the event. The CSR notates all of the products and services ordered by the exhibitor then follows up to make sure the order conforms to their specific requirements. This additional contact gives our CSRs the ability to offer additional services or products that the exhibitor may have forgotten.

During order processing the CSR must also perform accounting functions such as processing payment information and notifying exhibitors of order deadlines and late fees if they apply. When there is a dispute over late order rates, those problems are resolved very professionally and well in advance of the event ever taking place in the facility.