Monday to Friday - 9: 00 AM to 5:00 PM

TEAM Co.’s customer service representatives (CSRs) perform many valuable services for your company. However, the most important part of their job takes place while interacting with exhibitors and show managers at show site. The representative assigned to the show during the ordering phase, then moves to the show site location in order to assist clients as they arrive to set up their booths. While at the service desk the CSR helps with technical matters, coordinates booth set-up with vendors and service providers and processes any last minute orders. One of their most important on-site duties is to ensure that all labor and material for each requested service is fully completed and approved by both the exhibitor and the service provider. All labor tickets are audited on-site and input into the computer each day.

After the show opens the CSR audits all orders and creates invoices for each exhibitor prior to and during show set-up. Once all of the invoicing is complete, the CSR delivers the invoices and payment receipts to the exhibitor in the booth. At that time, if there is an outstanding balance still due, the CSR collects the payment for those products and services as well.

Once the show is finished, the CSR is still not done servicing the event. Within one week of the show’s move-out, the CSR performs a final audit to make sure everything was charged and processed properly and there are no further adjustments. Now the show is ready to be submitted to our accounting supervisors for reconciliation and closing.