Monday to Friday - 9: 00 AM to 5:00 PM

TEAM Co. will assist the facility or contractor in marketing their facilities and services. We will track all exhibitor orders and keep a permanent, readily accessible file for audits, inquiries, and questions by facility personnel. Detailed reports of each event will accompany the monthly commission report that is sent to each facility.

TEAM Co.’s ability to market shows is unsurpassed due to its customized online ordering system. When an order is received online or via mail or fax, TEAM Co. captures the e-mail address of the exhibitor. This information can then be used to broadcast e-mails to exhibitors that will be attending various tradeshows and events to advise them of additional opportunities offered by each property.

Many events often become repeat business for a facility. Once the history of a tradeshow has been established, our system allows your marketing department to compare historical data and help marketing personnel target their sales and marketing efforts in a direction that will increase profits on future shows.