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Accounts Receivable

The convention/tradeshow industry is a unique and difficult business. It is fast-paced, time sensitive, temporary and very cyclical. Because of these traits, it is very important to know what to expect from its participants and know when to get paid for fulfilling those expectations. Fortunately, TEAM Co. and its personnel have many years of experience in all aspects of the convention and tradeshow industry. Our company knows what exhibitors and show managers want and how soon they want it. We also know how quickly we need to bill and collect the revenue for the products and services they are temporarily provided. Our company has a flawless track record of collecting 100% of all accounts receivable for every convention, tradeshow or event that we have managed. TEAM Co. is able to provide this 100% collection guarantee is because of our proven management system and the expertise of our professional management and customer service staff.

TEAM Co. takes pride in creating a successful convention experience for your customers even during the collections phase of the event. Our staff treats each exhibitor with respect and dignity, at all times and are always there to help your facility staff or an outside service provider mediate any problems that may arise before, during or after any event.

Accounts Payable

TEAM Co. also makes sure that all outside vendors and service providers receive payment for their products and services at the end of each month. Our billing and reporting program helps streamline this process as well. The vendors who have contracted with the facilities which we service have always been paid promptly and accurately. Our management system and prompt payment history has had a very positive affect on the level of service they deliver to your two facilities and they will continue to provide that same outstanding service to all three properties when managed through TEAM Co.