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TEAM Co.’s management group has over 80 years of combined technical and managerial expertise in the trade show and convention industry.

President, Deanna Lowell has been in the industry for more than 30 years and has worked in many facets of the business, from customer service to General Manager for the Electrical Division of GES Exposition Services (TSE Electrical). When the Sands Exposition & Convention Center took its technical services in-house, she worked as the Administrative Manager, developing the billing practices, customer service and accounting procedures for those services. She later became the Administrative Manager in Las Vegas for Smart City Networks, a telecommunications and internet services provider for convention facilities including the Las Vegas Convention Center.

In Memoriam:

Our beloved friend and the conceptual engineer of TEAM Co.

Norman Yahraus, worked in the industry for over 40 years. He served as an Executive Vice President and Corporate Executive of GES Exposition Services until 1995. He then worked with Sheldon Adelson as a Vice President to establish and manage all of the in-house technical services at the Sands Exposition & Convention Center. From that concept, he formed TEAM Co. in 1999 to help other hotel/resort properties generate better revenue from their convention and meeting room facilities. In addition to pioneering the billing & management service concept, he developed and held patents for several electrical inventions which are widely used in the trade show and convention industry today. Mr. Yahraus also implemented safe methods of hanging and supporting overhead production equipment used for the more technical expositions.

He is missed but his principles; dedication and tenacity remain in the lessons he taught and the guidance he gave each of us.

Norman Yahraus

Norman Yahraus

Beloved Friend / Conceptual Engineer

Deanna Lowell

Deanna Lowell